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Bus Schedules

 The Ferndale Area Elementary School provides bus transportation to and from school for approximately 400 students. The safety of our students is a top priority. It is very important that all students, parents and guardians follow the bus policies in order to ensure the safety of our students. 

  1. All parents must establish ONE morning bus number and bus stop.
    Students are required to follow this daily routine.
  2. All parents must establish ONE dismissal bus number and bus stop.
    Students are required to follow this daily routine.
  3. Requests for daily bus changes are not permitted.
    Students must return to their home, day care or babysitter on their regularly assigned bus.
  4. We cannot accommodate telephone requests to have a student ride a different bus or get off at a different location.
    • Only in an extreme emergency will a parental request be pre-approved by the principal, pending the availability of seating. Changes cause confusion on the part of the student and driver, overcrowding, and may place the young child in an unfamiliar, dangerous situation.
    • ** Parents must send a note or telephone the school to have their child remain at school to be picked up by the parent or designee. Students without notes will be sent home on their regular bus. **
    • Kindergarten and K4 students must have a parent or guardian at the bus stops both in the morning and afternoon.  Parents or other adults of K4 students must have their child's shape to match the students' necklace in order to get them from the bus.  If guidelines are not followed, the student will be returned to the school to be picked up. 

  5. Children are expected to exhibit appropriate bus behavior at all times, including at the bus stop. Inappropriate behavior will result in the loss of bus privileges.