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Living in the area that we do, the weather can have a major impact on our lives and our regular routines.  Changes in routines are never easy.  Here is some information to help you in the event of a morning delay, a school cancellation or an early dismissal by the Ferndale Area School District.


The Ferndale Area School District will announce any changes in the schedule on the following stations:

WNTJ (1490 AM) WLLI (990 AM) WRKW (99.1 FM) WFGI (95.5 FM)
WKYE (96.5) WCCL (101.7 FM) WJHT (92.1)  WWCP (CH. 8)
  WTAJ (CH. 10)  WJAC (CH. 6)  

We will notify the stations as early as possible when a change in the schedule is necessary.  Be sure to note the length of the delay.


***Also, through our OneCall emergency calling system, you will be notified at the phone number that you provide to the school any delays, cancellations or early dismissals due to weather.



If the students are already at school and severe weather conditions or an emergency make it necessary to dismiss the students early, this information will be telecast on the above stations.

It is very important that you and your child formulate an emergency plan of what she/he is to do in the event of an early dismissal.  It may be a good idea to form a network with relatives, neighbors and friends to look after each other’s children in the event that one of you is not home or did not hear the news that the students are coming home early.

It is very important that your child have specific directions as to what he/she is to do in the event that they get home and you are not there.  We want to be sure that all children have a safe place to stay in the event of an early dismissal.  Don’t wait for the emergency to occur. Formulate a plan now and reinforce it often throughout the winter.